The British Pantry

and Tea Room

Cadbury:        Caramel, Curly Wurly, Crunchie, Bourneville, Buttons (Milk & White), Twirl, Flake, Double Decker, Dairy Milk, Fruit & Nut, Turkish, Roses Boxes, Eclairs Bag, Fudge, Milk Tray Boxes

Fry's:                 Chocolate Cream

Shop Hours

Monday - Sunday:   11AM - 5PM

Terry's:            Chocolate Orange Bar

Mars:              Milky Way, Maltesers (White & Chocolate), Mars Bars, Bounty (Milk & Dark)

Bond's:         Clotted Cream Fudge Bags

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Rowntree's:    Fruit Gums, Fruit Pastilles

Walker's:           English Toffees

Maynard's:       Wine Gums

Bassett's:          Jelly Babies Bag, Pear Drops Bag, Murray Mints Bag, Sherbet Lemons Bag

Galaxy:             Ripple, Minstrels

Sweets(Selection may vary)

Tea Room Hours

Friday - Sunday:   11AM - 4PM

Reservations are Strongly Recommended

Barrett:             Sherbet Fountain, Refreshers, Dip Dab

Nestle:           Coffee Crisp, Aero (Peppermint & Chocolate), Toffee Crisp, Yorkie, Lion Bar, Smarties, Polo Mints, After Eight Bites, Quality Street Boxes

Teas   (Selection may vary)
English:      PG Tips (Regular & Decaf'), Ty-phoo, Tetley, Yorkshire (Red & Gold),

                      Darvilles of Windsor, Builders, Twinings (Loose & Bagged)
Welsh:        Glengettie, Welsh Brew
Irish:            Barry's Gold Blend (Loose & Bagged), Bewley's & Lyons

Taverner's:       Jelly Babies, Wine Gums, Liquorice Allsorts & Fruit Pastilles Boxes


McVitie's:        Jaffa Cakes, Digestives (Original, Milk, & Dark chocolate),

                           Hobnobs (Original & Milk chocolate), Rich Tea, Ginger Nuts,


Crawford's:   Garibaldi, Custard Creams

Jacob's:           Bourbon Creams, Cream Crackers

Walker's:        Shortbread


Duerr's:         Wide selection

Grant's:          Lemon Curd

Tate & Lyle:  Golden Syrup, Black Teacle

PLUS! Frozen foods, Curries, Sauces, Vinegar, Crisps (Potato Chips), Gifts, Books, Posters, Caps, and much much more.........